How to make it work

We're all busy. How do you get everything on your to-do list accomplished? Which things are more important than others?

This is my busiest season, which is probably true for a lot of us. I have shows just about every weekend in November and December, Malayna's birthday on the 22nd of December, and of course, Christmas. There are also orders coming in, both wholesale and retail. I do have more business than I had last year, and one of the reasons that is true is because I've welcomed it this year. Last year was Malayna's first year in school (full day kindergarten) and I volunteered at school a LOT. I didn't leave myself much time for other things, like making art. I did lots of shows, but I was always working up until the last minute. Don't get me wrong - I still do that. Sometimes I feel that I can't work any other way. The rush that gives me pushes me to do more and more.

Some of the things I'm doing differently this year are:

* I make a daily list of what I want to accomplish. Even if it's the tiniest thing (like sending an email) I write it down so that I have something to cross off the list.

* I cut back on the amount of time I'm volunteering in Malayna's school. This one wasn't intentional. There were a lot more opportunities to be in her classroom last year than there are this year. I'm still at school at least one day a week, but don't feel the need to be there much more than that.

* I'm pursuing more wholesale accounts. That means that I get an order, make it and then deliver. I don't have to worry about my work sitting around in a shop waiting to be sold on consignment.

* I'm doing are less first-time shows and more repeat ones. (And no shows that were a bust last time around.) Sometimes the first-time shows are no good. Then you're stuck at a show with no one attending and wishing you were home spending time with your family or working in the studio.

* There's no way I'll ever be the kind of person who plans out her meals weekly. I tried it a few times, but it just does not work for me. Instead, I have a few meals that are easy and require few ingredients, so I make sure I always have those on hand. Also, last year I was annoyed that I had to be the one making dinner most of the time. I don't enjoy cooking but Jimmy does. But you know what? I'm home more than he is. Even if I'm working, that usually stops when Malayna gets home and she's old enough now that I don't have to worry about keeping her occupied when I'm cooking.

* Don't worry about dust. Seriously. Who cares? My house is not a pigsty, but it's also not a show home. We live here. It looks like it. Would I like to be more organized and have more space? Yes, of course. But I'm not fretting about it right now.

So that's my list. What's yours? How do you get things accomplished? Any tips?