Recycling artwork

Do you recycle your old artwork? I have work sitting around from years ago that I will never use or sell, but for some reason I have to keep it. Today I wanted to work on a large-scale piece, so I went up to my studio in search of an unused piece of wood. Couldn't find one, but I did find lots (and lots) of old work. At one time (at least four years ago) I had thought about making very large clocks (24" square), but the difficulty with shipping and carting them around to craft shows made me rethink that idea. So I have two large clocks that are semi-finished in my studio, taking up space.

Today I decided that I'm going to re-use one of them, but I did have moment of hesitation, thinking about covering something up that I created. Seriously, it's not a masterpiece. I don't even like it. And yet it feels weird to cover it up.

Do you feel that way about old artwork of yours? What do you do with it? Do you recycle? Store it? Sell it? (I won't sell mine because I don't want people to associate my old work with my business.)

{About to be recycled…}