Summer sale!

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I finally updated my website with new magnets and squares. Yipee! It took all day on Monday {which also included play breaks, snack breaks, meal breaks and outside-time breaks since school is finished for Malayna}. When I list my products on my site, I don't usually use real photos - I use the digital file I created for each item. I'm not sure how this translates on the web. Would it be better to show the real photo? Someone said to me recently that she thought my squares were thinner than they actually are, based on what she saw on the website.

What do you think? Should I keep the clean digital images I have on there now, or should I use real photos of the products in action? {You can see some real photos in my last post. I would take better ones if I were to use them on my site.}

{new {lucy} dream magnet}


Arts in the Park

Good things about yesterday: great weather, lots of friends stopping by, and lots of dogs to pet. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

{new wall hooks - yet to be uploaded to the website…}

{new magnets - being uploaded as we speak}

{wall hooks and matching squares}

{more squares}

{view of the booth}

{my clean-up helper}


Raindrops keep fallin' on my head

Malayna's preschool performance yesterday was hilarious. She loved being on stage. Here's a video of one of the songs they performed. She's near the middle, wearing a denim jacket and a green dress. By the way, this side of her comes totally from her daddy.


Luco's "memorial day"

We planted a tree in Luco's memory last week. Malayna had been asking daily when we were going to have Luco's "memorial day." So on a beautiful day last week, Malayna, my mom and I went to the garden center and picked out a white kousa dogwood. We already have another dogwood in the front of the house, so this one will be a nice addition. The new one is in the spot where our very old maple used to be.

Malayna helped us get the spot ready, put one of his tennis balls in with the tree and put some dirt on top. After that, though, she was off - playing with her friends on her new swingset. Jimmy and I each took some of his ashes and sprinkled them at the bottom of the tree. We then took turns filling the hole with dirt.