I finally updated my website with new magnets and squares. Yipee! It took all day on Monday {which also included play breaks, snack breaks, meal breaks and outside-time breaks since school is finished for Malayna}. When I list my products on my site, I don't usually use real photos - I use the digital file I created for each item. I'm not sure how this translates on the web. Would it be better to show the real photo? Someone said to me recently that she thought my squares were thinner than they actually are, based on what she saw on the website.

What do you think? Should I keep the clean digital images I have on there now, or should I use real photos of the products in action? {You can see some real photos in my last post. I would take better ones if I were to use them on my site.}

{new {lucy} dream magnet}


Cameron Blazer said...

Great question! I can't wait to read the feedback you get, as this is something I've wondered about, too.

I use digital images in my etsy store to sell my digital downloads because they show up so much better in the tee-niney pictures that Etsy shows on their front page and in list mode. Still, I wonder if people want to see the items in action more.

Since your products are 3D, could you use a bevel effect to better show their depth? The drop shadow on the upper image helps, but I think a smooth bevel might really seal the deal.

daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

I prefer to see real images when I'm shopping. Gives me more of a sense of the product and if it will work. Is there a way you can select one for your thumbnail, but have both in the product listing. What do you like to see when you're shopping? I can see your wall squares mounted on a white wall, or casually propped somehow.... I think neawear has great product shots (I think it's her). I struggle with this, too!

Little Flower Designs said...

Hi! I also prefer pictures of the actual items. Either simple or styled photos will work - which ever you have time to work with. The shadow you use now gives a hint of depth but is a bit confusing visually. Also, if you use photo's it will seem more personal and handmade. So I vote for photos!
Good Luck!

venus said...

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