Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

{Catching snowflakes.}

…but not really. Here in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania the snow has been coming down all day and shows no signs of stopping. Last I heard we had about 8 inches. The outlook isn't good for tomorrow – Malayna's sixth birthday party is scheduled from 2-4. I think we'll have to postpone that.

The good thing about this snow is that Lola gets to let out all her crazy energy outside, then come in and pass out. She absolutely loves it and tears around the yard sticking her nose in the snow and pouncing on it when Jimmy throws it at her. Malayna went out to play with her earlier, but that didn't last very long. All Lola wanted to do was jump on Malayna and knock her down. It made for some cute pictures, though!


Cuddly puppy

We lucked out with Lola - she loves to cuddle. Luco was the same way; we expect our dogs to want to be hugged, kissed and cuddled nonstop. She seems to be calming down a bit (at times), and when she and Malayna cuddle it just melts my heart. It just about makes up for all the puppy craziness. Almost. Malayna and Luco didn't do this - she only hugged him once in a while and never really chose to snuggle with him. This is definitely her dog.

(I guess my blog is becoming the puppy blog. Are you tired of the puppy pictures yet?!)


Keeping busy

{Me and my sweet girl, who wants one of everything I make.
She's wearing the kate pendant.}

It's that time of year: lots of craft shows, Malayna's birthday and Christmas. Every year I tell myself I'm going to decorate early, since I'm usually too busy with shows to be bothered until the last minute. Well, guess what? I just took down my cornstalk and pumpkins today.

I had three shows this past weekend, and the two I had on Saturday were fantastic. I have new work this year, and the response to the bird clocks has been great. Someone told me the other day that they like watching my work evolve. I love the fact that since I've been doing this for a few years (officially since 2006), people can see the way my work has changed. Remember when I said I going to stop making clocks? Pretend you didn't hear me. Turns out I just needed to work on some new designs.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by this weekend!


Crazy Lola

Holy moly. I may have mentioned this before, but it's worth repeating. Especially for those of you who are thinking about getting a puppy. I seriously forgot how crazy, time-consuming and exhausting a puppy can be. Oh, yeah - and fun, too.

Lola is nuts. She has so much energy, and if she doesn't get to use it in a constructive way (like doing laps around the yard again and again and again…) she will try everything in her power to get that energy out in bad evil not-so-constructive ways. I dread rainy days like yesterday. She was the perfect puppy all day until Malayna got home from school. Then she was stealing shoes (we really should put them where she can't get them!), biting baseboards, jumping on the coffee table, biting pant legs (and putting a hole in mine).

 She's like a two-year-old child - if she doesn't get her nap at the right time, look out. She has a burst of (negative) energy right before she falls asleep. Every time I see her sleeping or just lying around looking cute, I say to her, "Now this is the Lola I could get used to." I must say it often, because Malayna has started saying it, too.