Cuddly puppy

We lucked out with Lola - she loves to cuddle. Luco was the same way; we expect our dogs to want to be hugged, kissed and cuddled nonstop. She seems to be calming down a bit (at times), and when she and Malayna cuddle it just melts my heart. It just about makes up for all the puppy craziness. Almost. Malayna and Luco didn't do this - she only hugged him once in a while and never really chose to snuggle with him. This is definitely her dog.

(I guess my blog is becoming the puppy blog. Are you tired of the puppy pictures yet?!)


Little Flower Designs said...

who can tire of puppy pics? i think you'll grow your readership!

lisa {milkshake} said...

Neither of us will tire of puppy pics! I'll be expecting some puppy/baby pics from you soon!

Tonja said...

Love the puppy pics...I can live vicariously through you!