Crazy Lola

Holy moly. I may have mentioned this before, but it's worth repeating. Especially for those of you who are thinking about getting a puppy. I seriously forgot how crazy, time-consuming and exhausting a puppy can be. Oh, yeah - and fun, too.

Lola is nuts. She has so much energy, and if she doesn't get to use it in a constructive way (like doing laps around the yard again and again and again…) she will try everything in her power to get that energy out in bad evil not-so-constructive ways. I dread rainy days like yesterday. She was the perfect puppy all day until Malayna got home from school. Then she was stealing shoes (we really should put them where she can't get them!), biting baseboards, jumping on the coffee table, biting pant legs (and putting a hole in mine).

 She's like a two-year-old child - if she doesn't get her nap at the right time, look out. She has a burst of (negative) energy right before she falls asleep. Every time I see her sleeping or just lying around looking cute, I say to her, "Now this is the Lola I could get used to." I must say it often, because Malayna has started saying it, too.

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