Happy birthday, mom!

Today is my mom's 60th birthday. Happy birthday, mom! I made this magnetic photo frame for her yesterday (I work best under pressure apparently). It's fiberboard painted with eco-friendly paint, has hand-painted type (my mom calls Malayna sweetie pie) and measures 12" square. That's one of my hand-drawn patterns in the background behind the photo. That section of the piece is magnetic - the little round mirrored pieces have magnets on the back and are holding that photo in place.

When I was trying to photograph this today, I put it on my wall and thought, "hey, that looks good there!" My parents' house is like a gallery of my work, yet I hardly have anything in my own house that I've made. I think it's because if I had my work hanging around here I'd constantly be critiquing it and wanting to change things. I wonder if that's common for artists?

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