Monday: made by me

Each Monday I'm going to post something that I made (or that Malayna and I made together). It may be a little sketch, or a bigger project. As much as I love summer and the freedom from schedules, I do feel the need to have some kind of planned activity, in real life and on the blog. Maybe this will help me post more during the summer months.

I don't know about you, but we have an endless supply of seashells and beach stones from our summer getaways. Both Malayna and I love to collect things, and sitting on the beach digging in the sand with my feet in the ocean is one of my favorite summer activities. (Calling it an activity is being generous - how "active" is it?)

Some years we don't even unpack our finds. I have a container in the yard with last year's shells and stones. This year, I put the treasure-filled bucket next to our outdoor dining table. When we have barbecues or are just hanging out after swimming, we pull out some stones and doodle (with Sharpie markers). I need some kind of container to hold the finished ones - right now some of them are clay dishes for pots (like the photo above), and some are used as weights to hold our placemats on the table. Others are lined up on our outdoor windowsills. The largest ones are used around the edges of the gardens.

What kinds of containers would you use for these? They have to be pretty and portable. Sometimes I have to move the rocks around since Lola likes to try and eat them. I find them scattered throughout the yard!

What did you (or your kids) make this weekend?

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