I am so happy that spring is finally here. I don't always realize how depressing it is to be inside all winter with little sunshine until spring comes and the weather warms up. You would think that since I was born in February I'd like the winter. Not so. It's my least favorite season. Spring and summer are my favorites - being outside, digging in the dirt, taking long walks, seeing plants come to life… Winter is so blah and gray. No color outside - no bright blue sky against green, green grass. No little buds on trees, no smell of the earth warming up. Ah, spring!

I've been walking Lola every day that I can. We go to a local park with lots of hills that sits beside a farm. I try and get in three miles each time we go. We move quickly, but not fast enough for Lola. She would run the entire time if I gave her the chance. These walks are great for both of us - it gets Lola's energy out (mostly - this pup is like the Energizer Bunny), provides exercise for me and, best of all, I get to be outside and enjoy the unfurling of spring.

I also take lots of pictures while we're out walking. I recently bought an iPhone and I LOVE it! I have a few favorite apps - Run Keeper, My Fitness Pal, Instagram, Square, Facebook, Text Free. I love that I can change the way a photo looks with Instagram. Instant gratification. What are your favorites?


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