Outdoor show booth

This Sunday (May 6th) will be my second show of the year. I'll be at the Clover Market from 10-5. Come by and say hi! I'll be bringing some new things, like coasters, mini clipboards and frames.

In the past, I've used walls to display my clocks and art blocks. However, for some reason, this venue can be very windy and I find myself stressing about my walls blowing over. They have almost done so a few times. Since it's only me in the booth, I would like to NOT worry about holding my walls while trying to sell my work!

Last month I reworked my display a little bit, but I'm still not happy about it. It needs something, but I'm not sure what…

Which is where you come in: Take a look at these pics from April's Clover Market and give me some ideas, please! Tell me what works and what doesn't work.


 {Back of booth.}

{I think that middle table is too small. Plus I need
a longer covering so you can't see what's underneath!}