The pups

Lola & Foxi.

We rescued Lola 3 years ago as a puppy. She is FULL of energy and could run all day. She usually collapses around 7pm. She is from somewhere down south (South Carolina maybe?) and is some kind of hound, and maybe terrier. She is definitely a challenge, and still (at 3 1/2) likes to steal Malayna's toys and chew on them. She is still crated when we are not home, otherwise everything in the house house might be chewed to shreds. She loves to "hunt" small animals and birds. Many a pigeon has not made it out of our yard…

We have had Foxi for about two months now. We rescued her from Main Line Animal Rescue - a wonderful place with many dedicated people working to find homes for animals. They took time with us to find just the right dog for both the humans and the canine in the house.

Foxi used to be a puppy mill breeding dog. Her age is unknown - the rescue thought she might be five, but the vet thinks closer to 7 or 8. She is the sweetest little dog you will ever meet. I was worried about getting a chihuahua, but she is so easy and so unlike what I thought we'd be dealing with. My daughter, Malayna, has wanted a chihuahua for the past few years. She is obsessed - always drawing pictures of chihuahuas, talking about them, looking at photos of other people's chihuahuas… So when we decided it was time for another dog, we knew it would have to be a chihuahua.

Foxi & Lola play together every day. Foxi is definitely in charge. Lola somehow knows that she is bigger than Foxi and (mostly) takes it easy on her. They are buddies.

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bookkm said...

So cute. Every girl needs a good friend and Malayna has two.