{the extent of my gardening these days}

I used to have a pretty garden. That is, before I had Malayna and then decided to start a business. These days if I have free time I'd rather go to my studio and work than go out in the garden. Well, maybe that's not entirely true. I would LOVE to go out and garden, but I wouldn't enjoy it as much if I knew there was work to be done.

When we first moved to our house in 1999, I was excited to have so much space to start a garden {or two}. There was hardly anything growing here - just a few trees and a bush or two. Jimmy and I created a few beds and I planted lots of perennials in the beds in the front of the house, since we spent a lot of time sitting on the porch. Since then, the dogwood tree we planted has grown a lot, so those sun-loving plants under it are suffering. I'll have to dig them out and find a sunny spot, though there aren't many sunny spots left {which is a good thing in the hot summer}.

{cousin Sean and Malayna}

Since Malayna has come along, we spend much of our time in the yard. We have a pool, swingset and sandbox out there for her. I also have an outdoor sink, the top of which we rescued from a remodeling project around the corner, and the bottom built by Jimmy. Next to that is my potting bench and a giant piece of slate for Malayna to use as a chalkboard. Jimmy also built a patio under the maple tree in the yard about a year after we moved in - it's perfect for cooking on the grill and eating outside. Our dream is to have a screenroom off the kitchen, so we can use it during the cooler months and also eat without worrying about bugs. {Then, of course, I would want to have my studio there to enjoy the fresh air and the garden.}

{the patio - off the mudroom}

See that blank wall to the left of the door? Wouldn't that look great with a mural or mosaic? Philadelphia has so many great murals, and after seeing a few Malayna asked if we could have one on our house. Why not? It's just paint, right? If we hated it we could always paint over it.

Every spring I wish I would've spent time in the fall planting bulbs. But fall is one of my busiest times with milkshake crafts - I'm getting ready for shows and building up my inventory. I'm much better off this year then I was last year - I already have piles of work in various stages of completion in the studio. Maybe this will be the year that I'll have time to plant those spring bulbs!

I need some help choosing plants for shade gardens. What are some of your favorite plants? Do you order them online or at your local nursery?

Have a great weekend!


Plays With Mud said...

i would *love* a dogwood tree!! i get most of my plants & trees at a local grower's outlet for dirt cheap. i haven't had much luck ordering online but maybe i haven't found the right source yet. the mural idea sounds fantastic ... please post if you decide to do one!!

lisa {milkshake} said...

We have two dogwoods. Both were gifts from my parents for our wedding anniversaries. Nice gift, huh?
I've ordered from Spring Hill and have had luck with them. The only problem is that their plants are small - no good if you have no patience.