getting ready

{clocks in progress}

I have a show tomorrow in Glenside, PA - the Glenside Street Fair from 10-5. {The rain date is Sunday - I'll post by tomorrow morning if the show is postponed.} I haven't done this show before, but it's practically in my backyard and I won't have far to travel. It's my first show of the season, so I've been busy making lots of clocks - 10" wall clocks, 4" desk clocks and huge 20" wall clocks. The 4" and 20" clocks are brand new and I'm really excited to show them.

I'm hoping to get everything finished today while Malayna is with mom-mom. In the past, I've stayed up really late the night before to finish lots of little last-minute things - like putting labels on bags, taking photos of finished work, printing price signs, etc. I was in my studio one morning trying to get everything together and noticed that it was 2am. I distinctly remember thinking, "Oh! It's ONLY 2:00. I have plenty of time!" {I know. That's not normal.}

I've always worked this way. There were many late nights in college getting my projects ready for class the next day. Something about having a deadline looming really gets me motivated. I do wish I could have that same motivation a few weeks in advance instead of just hours. However, being prepared that far in advance makes me feel like I'm forgetting something.

I hope to see some of you tomorrow {or Sunday}! My booth is number 6 - near the food court and the information booth.


Anonymous said...

Aidan and I will be there! We are looking forward to it!

erica said...

Oh I hope it gets postponed so I can come visit on Sunday!!

Thanks again for all your hard work this week! My logo looks great, and I've managed to make business cards AND hang tags! Woohoo!!

Good luck if you have the show on Saturday. Otherwise I'll see you on Sunday!