dreary day = dreary child

It seems like it's been weeks since we saw the sun shine around here.

If it weren't for the gray weather, the day would've been perfect. It was warm enough to go outside this morning without heavy coats and gloves! And it would've been a perfect park day - if the ground weren't so muddy.

I made the mistake of telling Malayna we were going to story time at the bookstore this morning. She started to cry {don't know where that came from!} and said that story time was scary and she was too old for that. Seriously - she cried for about 20 minutes about it. That's when I knew it was going to be a looooong morning.

Instead of the bookstore, we went outside to chalk. I figured we could both use some fresh air. Chalking was going great until the leaf collection truck came down the street. Do you know how long those leaves have been sitting by the curb?!

As the truck came closer, she insisted on going inside. I convinced her to stay outside but to play on the porch - a safe distance from the leaf truck that was going to "suck up my baby dolls!" She then covered her ears and trembled while the truck collected our leaves. I picked her up and showed her the big vacuum on the truck. That seemed to calm her down a little and we were able to continue to play outside.

{Is that not the sweetest face? Read on.}

But then when it was time for her to go upstairs for her rest, she got very upset about the snack I was giving her. More crying. I managed to steer her upstairs where she told me, "I will never, ever listen to you again!" Then she threw a toy.

Oh my.

When is the sun coming back?


Anonymous said...

I'm sure this isn't the last time she'll "never, ever listen to you again!" :)

Maybe she's getting a cold or coming down with something. Ellie's usually *really* cranky beforehand - and then once she's sick, I think, "Why didn't I see this illness coming?"

lisa {milkshake} said...

I thought the same thing. She's really predictable that way, too.

I thought for SURE she would take a nap today after all that. Wishful thinking...

beki said...

Kids! It's always an adventure. My unpredictable 3 yr old always gives me a run for my money.