drawing and painting and coloring

{a mommy, a boy named Trey and a baby}

Malayna created this last night - her first drawing of people with bodies, legs and arms! She's been drawing heads with very happy faces for a while now, and sometimes even adds hair or hats. For the largest {mommy} figure, she drew the left arm with her left hand and then switched the crayon to her right hand to draw the right arm. It was so cool to watch!


Aidan's mom Wendy had to work for a few hours on Tuesday morning, so Malayna and I "kid-sit" Aidan. I told Malayna we would be babysitting him, but she corrected me by saying, "Aidan's not a baby! He's a kid - so we will kid-sit him."

The two of them usually follow a routine when Aidan comes over. They get very excited to see each other (although sometimes Aidan needs a few minutes to adjust before he starts acting crazy), then they chase each other around the house. After a little while one of them asks to paint or play with Play-Doh. They help by getting the paintbrushes ready and the table cleared. After painting {and usually getting really messy} they like to clean up in the kitchen sink.

{cleaning up}

{still cleaning...}

The day ended on a bad note, though. They both wanted to play with the same toy, and I think Malayna said something not very nice to Aidan and then he told her he didn't want to be her friend. Malayna got very upset and cried {and cried, and cried}, but Aidan wouldn't budge. He said he didn't like the way she talked to him. It was time for Aidan and Wendy to go anyway, so after they left I told Malayna that sometimes people say not very nice things when they're angry or upset. She just kept saying over and over, "But I want Aidan to be my friend." Wendy talked to Aidan when they got home and told him that telling Malayna he didn't want to be her friend wasn't very nice - that he could've told her he didn't like the way she was talking to him.

After Malayna's rest that day, she told me that she was "having a really bad day." I wonder if they'll remember this the next time they get together?


Anonymous said...

I'm sending Ellie to your house ... painting and PlayDoh are my two LEAST favorite activities, yet she constantly asks for them! I hate the setup, the short attention span and the lengthy cleanup afterwards! There's always a huge mess!(k)

lisa {milkshake} said...

Send her over!

Gee, K, so unlike you to dislike a mess ;)

Vanessa said...

Awh, those pics are too cute. You'll have to keep us informed on the little soap opera! :D