Malayna and Aidan

{Sept. 2006}

{Nov. 2007}

When we took the above picture at Wendy, Daniel and Aidan's house last week, Malayna insisted on holding the orange maracas. She remembered the picture we had taken last year and wanted Aidan to hold the tamborine, but he had other ideas.

I am so glad that Malayna and Aidan like each other so much. There was a small period of time over the summer when they would get on each other's nerves, but thankfully that ended. They would've had to deal with it either way - Wendy and I need to get together! It seems that whenever Malayna goes through a stage Aidan follows a few months later (they are just about 2 months apart in age). By the time Aidan is going through a yucky, trying phase I've already forgotten about the same behavior in Malayna. But then I hear Wendy talk about something Aidan's doing it all comes back.

What are your plans for this weekend? I have two shows: the first in Plymouth Meeting at Colonial Elementary School (230 Flourtown Road) from 10-3 and the second at the Rose Bank Winery (258 Durham Road) from 11-4. Stop by if you happen to be/live in the area! There will be snacks and wine at the show on Sunday. Did I mention wine?

I had to reschedule the preschool meeting. Jimmy wants to go, but he had a meeting all morning. Hopefully we'll get there next week. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes! Thank you for all your tips and suggestions - I'm going to write them down so I don't forget anything. If you have more, feel free to post them!


The Littles Write said...

What a cutey that Malayna is.
I have friends who have kids a couple of months older and younger than our girls. It's sort of comforting to know that everyone is going through similar changes and growth... makes it seem less crazy somehow.
Good luck at the pre-school meeting.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy these days while they last ... soon they're off making new friends everywhere. Dean's best friend for three years was a little girl named Hayley. They were inseparable, going to preschool and playing together afterwards almost every day. When a day or two passed and we didn't get together, Dean was constantly asking for Hayley. That is, until he hit age 5 and decided he only wanted to play with boys. They don't even speak to each other any more, they're both so consumed with new friends! So sad ... (k)