Malayna and I used to go to a music class when she was younger, and ALL she wants to listen to when we're in the truck are those stinkin' tapes. When she's in Jimmy's car, he's allowed to play loud "rock-and-roll", but she informed me that she likes daddy's music better than my music. Whatever. It's my music and I don't want to share it anyway!

I sing those music class songs all day - after you hear them once it's like they burrow themselves into your brain and you can't get them out. So to pass the time in the truck yesterday {if you can't beat them, join them}, I was whistling along with one of the songs. Malayna said to me, "Mommy, could you please calm down."

Meanwhile, she's doing this when she's supposed to be napping: (Try to ignore my loud laughter!)

She's singing Whip It by Devo. Hmmm. Maybe we should stick to the music class tapes.


erica said...

HaHAAAAAAA!! She's so awesome!! Now I wish that I had a video monitor too!! Oh the things they do when "no one is watching".

KB said...

Ha! She's so retro! Now all you need is to get her some neon sweatshirts, jelly shoes, and an asymmetrical haircut. Oh, and a Devo hat too.

Plays With Mud said...

omg - hilarious! we've taped our video monitor too - it's so funny what these little punkins do!!

Little Flower Designs said...

so funny!!! you've lucky to have a live-in comedian!!

Anonymous said...

That's HILAROUS! You'll be so happy you have that footage when she's grown! And I'm impressed with her song selections ... we can't get away from "High School Musical"! I think Ellie knows every word to every song ... and now I can't get them out of my head, either!!! (k)