peeping Malayna

Malayna and I were in her room the other night, getting ready for bed. First I sang her a few songs (I sing the same four songs every.single.night.) and told her stories about when Luco was a puppy. We sit in the rocking chair and do this - although I don't know how much longer we'll be able to sit there together! She's more than half my height.

After the songs and stories she got up, went over to her window and said, "Let's see if it's a good night for looking in people's houses." She then lifted the shade, looked at our neighbor's house and said, "Yup!" She was right - we could see right into the neighbor's brightly-lit kitchen. Good thing they have shades on the other windows!

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Sue said...

Hee hee - now you know what she does every night after you leave.