I'm back!

Malayna and I went to the Willow Grove Mall this morning. She likes to throw pennies in the fountain, get a soft pretzel, read a book in the bookstore and then get a cookie for the ride home. While we were sitting by the fountain, a little boy and his grandmother came by. Malayna looked at them and said to me, "I guess he has an old mommy, too. Like me."



Anonymous said...

Not to worry ... you're younger than I am, and by looking at the parents of children in my kids' classes at school, I am HARDLY one of the old ones!!

Let's talk about size instead of age. Ellie has been calling me "Big Mommy" lately!

Happy Thanksgiving! (k)

Sue said...

tee hee

jona said...

Ouch indeed! You're not alone! I'm an "old mommy" too and I'm curious to see when my son finally notices the difference between me and the other kids' mommies.

beki said...

Oh gosh, the things kids say!

Little Flower Designs said...

getting caught up on your blog! gosh, you so are not old! what a funny thing for her to say!
hope all your shows are going well, just one more for me tomorrow. If the weather is nice I think we'll go to your show next week : ) Have a great weekend!