{she gave us TREATS!}

Malayna and her "best, best buddy" Aidan had a great time trick-or-treating last night. We {the parents} were worried that they wouldn't want to go out - both of them are resistant to change and not crazy about all the scary Halloween stuff. {Is that just a three-year-old thing?} We were happily surprised to see both of them very excited. They had little patience for things like eating dinner and waiting for the grown-ups to be ready.

They were both so surprised and excited about people giving them candy. After the first few houses, they would look in their bags and say, "she gave us TREATS!"

Malayna was a baby {what a surprise!} and Aidan was Superman.

{Luco did NOT like this}

{too much sugar?}

{maybe just a little too much...}


Sue said...

tee hee

My kids went nuts too. NUTS.

Anonymous said...

TOO CUTE! We had a lot of fun this year, too. I sent photos ... (k)