Photo Friday

I think I'll retire the Inside 264 posts - my house is only so big! Now that summer is here we'll be out and about more, so calling these posts "Photo Friday" makes more sense.

A storm passed through here on Tuesday night and knocked our power out from 8:30 that night until about 3:00 Wednesday afternoon. We don't have central air, so when Malayna's air conditioner went off Tuesday night she immediately woke up. She was scared and crying so we brought her downstairs. We thought the power would come back on after a little while, so we weren't trying to get her to go back to sleep right away. Malayna, Jimmy and I made paper fans and colored for a little while. It was so hot - we were just coming out of a heat wave with temperatures up near 100 and stifling humidity. The house was still hot, and we couldn't open the windows too much because of the rain and the 60-mph winds. Thank goodness our trees are gone!

{shadows on the ceiling}

After a while we realized that the power may not go on anytime soon, so we tried to get to sleep. First we all laid on the living room floor, but Luco was panting like crazy. Malayna couldn't sleep. Then she and I went up to her sauna, I mean room, but it started thundering and she was scared {never was before!}. Finally, we came back downstairs and she and Jimmy slept on the sofa while I slept on the floor. Between Luco's panting, Jimmy's snoring, and sweating, I think I got about 2 hours sleep that night.

{crafting by candlelight}

It was kind of nice not to have electricity the next day and having to come up with things that didn't involve the TV or the computer. I spent a while in the pool just listening to the radio {with batteries} and reading a book. Just as I was packing the food in our fridge into coolers to take to my parents' house, the power came back on. Do you know how good that air conditioning felt?!

Tomorrow we leave for a week-long vacation in Cape May, NJ. We go every year at this time - me, Jimmy, Malayna, Luco, my mom and dad and my cousin Sean. This year Aidan and his parents are coming to visit and stay over one night. He and Malayna will sleep in her room on bunkbeds. Should be interesting!

{Malayna got a haircut for the shore - she had about 6 inches cut off!}

{Why do so many kids around this age make goofy faces for pictures?}

I'll probably post some photos through the week, so check back on Monday! Happy Father's Day to all the dads!


Caroline said...

Oh boy! My family is leaving tomorrow for Cape May, too! I was supposed to go, but then I decided to be a grown up and get a job, quite disappointing because I really could use the vacation now!

KB said...

Love the haircut and the dark photos. Now I'm wishing our power would go out. I hope you're having a wonderful vacation!