{new magnet}

Part of the website update is finished. I uploaded all the new magnets - they are quite different than the magnets I used to make. See them here. I always forget how long a website updates takes. I thought I'd be finished by today, but there are lots more products to add - 8" clocks, more desk and 10" clocks and more cards. For each product, I have to edit the photo, write a description {which usually turns out to be the same basic description with minor changes}, upload the photos and text and then check the site to be sure it worked. Hmmm. Must be why I don't update too frequently!

Yesterday Malayna and I went to Ross to look for an outfit for my 20-year reunion. {No luck, by the way.} I tried on four different dresses, and with each one she exclaimed, "Oh, mommy, you look sooooo pretty!" I thanked her each time, and then she said, "Mommy, sometimes you look so pretty that I can't even talk." How cute is that? I have my own personal self-esteem booster.

Tonight is my reunion, so I'll be back Monday with a report and maybe some photos {with smaller hair!}.

Have a good weekend.


daisy janie said...

Malayna is a riot! How completely sweet of her to see you that way!!! Just what you need sometimes.

Your new designs are really, really nice Lisa! Evolving within your medium can be so refreshing! Keep up the great work!!! Bloom is one of favorite words, ever. Sounds nice, looks nice, means nice.

Hope you had a great time!!! did you know you wrote 25th reunion in the big hair post and 20th on this one? Can't have it both ways!

daisy janie said...

Okay, just re-read the hair post. Maybe I'm blind as a freakin' bat!!! who knows.

lisa {milkshake} said...

Nope, you're not blind. I changed it after my mom called and informed me that it was NOT my 25th. I'm making myself older!