Off to NY!

I am leaving for New York in about a half hour for the Printsource show. I was okay until I wrote that - now I'm nervous!

I took Malayna to school this morning, and she was perfectly fine. I was afraid she'd cry, knowing that she wouldn't see me tonight. She and Jimmy have lots of fun activities planned in my absence - like Smith Playhouse on Tuesday, school and the library on Wednesday and the Please Touch Museum on Thursday. Today she's with mom-mom and pop-pop, and they're probably buying her yet another baby doll.

I made her a paper chain with four links on it - one for each day that I'd be gone. I told her to rip one off each night so that she'd have a visual of the number of days left until I come back. {Thanks for the suggestion, Jan!}

Hopefully I'll find some time {and some Wifi} to update here later in the week. If not, I'll post again on Friday!


Brie said...

I love the paper chain idea! I have also heard the please touch museum is beyond fabulous!

Good luck at your show :)

Flower gift Philippines said...

Oh its normal that child want her mom on her side always.Oh how sweet your kids are.