Good riddance

Remember that retail job I've had for almost a year? Well, no more. I was let go on Friday because they need someone more flexible. When I interviewed there last year I told them I could not be flexible because of Malayna. She is my first priority. No one ever told me they had a problem with my schedule. I did notice some passive-aggressive behavior going on when I would take time off, though. Why can't some people just be honest and not play games?

I was given 15 minutes notice that I would no longer be working there. The owner came in at 5:15 to tell me that I was no longer needed. Nice, huh? I would've appreciated being treated with a little more respect and given at least a week's notice.

Respect is not something I should've expected from that place. They talked behind people's backs and tried to get stuff over on customers. I hated going in there, but would've stayed because of the money (not that it was much - but it was something). One person there was in five days, but only put in 12.5 hours of "work." This person had the nerve to make sarcastic comments about how many hours I worked a week. At least when I was there I actually worked. I can't say the same for everyone there.

I didn't mention my unhappiness here, because what was the point? I was trying to just stay there until I found something else, but who knows how long that would've been?

I am so happy that I don't ever have to step foot in that place again. Good things are about to happen. I can feel it!


Today is Luco's 13th birthday. Happy birthday, buddy!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Luco - he doesn't look a day over 2!

Re: your job..screw them! They didn't deserve you! {Paula}

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Luco, from your furry friends Pepper (13) and Sophie (12)!

daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

Oh brother. Def one to let go as soon as humanly possible. Matt was just talking this morning about not letting people get to him....here, here.