I'm looking forward to a big transition this week. Starting on Wednesday I'm going to be working part-time at a stationery store. I've been itching for a change lately - wanting to get out of the house, but still wanting spend time with Malayna and also have time to work on milkshake.

This will be the first time I'll be working somewhere other than home since Malayna's been here.

I'm excited, scared and nervous, with a bit of worry mixed in. Many late nights are probably in my future - considering that these two days were previously spent working on milkshake stuff, like creating, running errands, updating the website. When will I get these things done now? I'm sure I'll be able to fit it all in, but at what expense? I'm hoping that this will force me to be more organized. Since I'll have limited time to actually create products, I'm working on making the process more streamlined.

Not a lot will change for Malayna. She'll still be spending two days with mom-mom and pop-pop, but when she comes home in the evening I won't be here (as I have in the past). I don't think I'll tell her right away that I have a job, since her concept of working includes daddy being gone all day. I'll tell her I have some meetings - which I've told her before and she's been okay with. Eventually, when she's used to coming home to me not being here, I'll let her know that it's because I'm working. Honestly, I would prefer that she knows about my job ahead of time, but she's not the kind of kid who would take it well. Who knows - maybe that will change as she gets older.

Any tips on how to balance everything?


beki said...

Honestly, I get way more done when I'm busy with work than I do when I have lots of time off. It forces me to be more organized and efficient. I'm sure you'll manage just fine - good luck!

textile_fetish said...

I hope you'll have time to post about how that goes! I started off telling Chloe I had meetings whenever I'd go out to meet with my friends or when I did a craft show. Her little sister has never had that anxiety because her big sister keeps her from it. Anyway, I think I'm slowly transitioning in that direction, too.

lisa {milkshake} said...

Beki, I'm hoping that having more on my plate will force me to schedule my time a little better. Who knows? It may work!

Jennifer, I will definitely post about my experience. I do tell Malayna when I have a show, but it took a long time for her to be okay with that. Now I get her a little handmade surprise from each show and she gets to spend the whole day with daddy (which means eating lots of sugary stuff!).

KB said...

Don't worry, you'll find a new normal. Working at a stationary store may even inspire you more as you see what people go for, what works, what doesn't. I'm starting to get that go- -back-to-work itch too. Compartmentalizing my time helps me feel more organized.