A good first day

Yesterday was a good first day at my new job. I didn't get nervous until I got to the shop, and then I thought, "what am I doing?! I haven't worked anywhere besides my home in four years!"

But when I got inside and met everyone I felt better. There were two other people working there plus me, and it was so great to talk to someone other than a four-year-old! Granted, I did talk about Malayna a bit, but she wasn't there beside me, attached to my leg and interrupting my conversation.

I saw so many beautiful things - stationery, little notebooks, invitations... It inspired me and made me want to come home and sketch some new designs. I didn't, though - by the time I got home it was dinnertime {pizza} and Malayna was excited to see me. She had a great time at mom-mom's house {of course!}, and didn't even seem to notice that I wasn't there when she got home. I think Luco was wondering where I was all day, though. He was even more excited than Malayna was when I got home. He stuck his nose in my bag as if to say, "where have you been? Did you see any other dogs?!"

I'm looking forward to going back tomorrow!


daisyjanie said...

Yay! Glad your first day went well and that it's in the can! Great to find some inspiration, too. Sometimes I forget there's a whole "real" world out there of amazing things to touch and see! I get stuck in virtual beauty too much.

Glad, too, that Malayna had a great day!

lisa {milkshake} said...

Yes, I also forget about the "real" world sometimes. It's easy to get caught up in your own business and the internet (while still in your pjs!).