Inside 264 {short version}

It's snowing here today! We already have about 3 inches at 8:30 am and there's more to come. Later we're supposed to get freezing rain and a "wintry mix". Blah! Have I mentioned how much I love summer?! But Luco loves the snow.

{Is this my good side?}

{Making chocolate chip cookies yesterday.
Tasting the batter is the BEST part!}

{Tomorrow is my birthday, so my mom brought my present over today.
I got a gift certificate for Viv Pickle and a Bamboo tablet! Yay!}

By the way, I did get up to the studio yesterday. Malayna came up, too, and I actually got some work done while she played in her playroom. Now with the Bamboo tablet, I really feel my creativity coming back!

Have a good weekend!

{PS: I just got a call from my boss telling me I don't need to come in today. Yay!}


daisyjanie said...

Happy Birthday Lisa!! May the year ahead bring you much joy & happiness!

Let me know how the tablet works out for you! Still have not had much time to play with mine....soon enough!

beki said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a magical day tomorrow!!

lisa {milkshake} said...

Thanks Jan and Beki!

Jan, I tried the tablet briefly this morning, but it seems like I'll need a lot more practice!

Plays With Mud said...

Lisa - wishing you a very happy birthday!! I hope it's a fabulous day and "new year" for you!! :-)

BTW - you share a birthday with my hubby!!