Love your body

From the National Organization for Women's website:

Happy Valentine's Day! Today is marketed as a day for flowers and candy for those in love. But, whether you are in a relationship or single, everyday is a day that you can love yourself!

See how much you know about how advertising and media affect your perception of body image and self love. Celebrate your body and join the fight against the negative media image! Take our Valentine's Body Image quiz and spread the love by forwarding it on to other women for Valentine's day, and always - love your body!

I was shocked by some of the answers - especially numbers 4 and 8. Fourth-graders are only 10 years old! What are we teaching our girls?!

Click on the image below to take the quiz. I only scored a 60. Come back and tell me what you scored!

Take the Body Image Quiz


Plays With Mud said...

wow! i can't believe that about the 10 year olds and the percentage of people with anorexia and/or bulimia. it breaks my heart. {i scored a 70}

Anonymous said...

Your score: 90%
You answered 9 out of 10 questions correctly.

I got the one wrong about the fourth graders as well. It's HORRIFYING that children of that age are already thinking bad thoughts about their bodies.

Although I'm unhappy with my weight (as is my doc!), I am very careful to NEVER mention diets or obesity to my kids. Instead, I try to talk up positive things like eating healthy and working out.

Thanks for sharing - that was VERY informative!

Anonymous said...

I scored a 50. Yikes. I have heard about the labiaplasty. And it just added another issue to my list of "issues". It's crazy. I have a daughter and I really need to make sure that I don't pass my negative self image on to her. And why is it negative? I'm not over weight -- sure I could tone up a bit but who couldn't? It's just so easy to pick things about ourselves that we don't like. I can't believe 10 year old girls have been on a diet already.

lisa {milkshake} said...

I guess we're all surprised about the ten-year-old girls! That's way too early to be worrying about body issues. It makes me sad for girls - that they can't just be kids.

And the labiaplasty?! Who the hell invented THAT?

I never talk about my own body issues around Malayna. I'm always telling her that I love her belly and that she's beautiful. I talk about how her strong legs help her run fast and jump high.

It's scary and sad to think that one day she'll look at herself and not like what she sees. Can we prevent that? (Short of keeping her away from society!)