Weekend recap

{drawing by Malayna}

I had a very good birthday weekend. On Saturday morning I was served breakfast in bed by Malayna and Jimmy - yummy pancakes {that they made together} with some OJ and coffee. Malayna was anxious for me to finish so I could come downstairs and open my gifts. A few of the things I received were KD Lang's new CD and a bag of mini York Peppermint Patties.

I was even able to work in my studio while Jimmy and Malayna cleaned the bathroom together. Malayna was in the bathtub with a sponge and a bucket full of soapy water while Jimmy cleaned the rest of the room. It gave me over an hour to actually get work done! On Saturday night we went out to dinner with Wendy, Daniel and Aidan. Luckily the table was covered with paper and the kids were able to draw while we waited. They gave me a bag of gifts, one of which I drooled over when we got home Saturday night.

{drool-worthy cookbook}

Malayna has been showing a preference for her daddy lately. In fact, at the restaurant Saturday night she told me, "I'm not going to listen to you. I'm only going to listen to daddy." She then crossed her arms over her chest, huffed and turned her back to me. I'm not sure what to do about this new development. This is the face I often get:

{Malayna and Aidan at the restaurant}

Yesterday she said to me, "This house is boring without daddy." Um, okay. She goes to the front window every day around 4:30 and waits for Jimmy to come home. She'll say, "I miss my daddy" while making the saddest face she can muster. I imagine she's right on time, development-wise. However, I'm still the preferred parent when she gets hurt, is sick, or needs to be cuddled. For those of you with four-year-old girls: Does your daughter prefer her daddy?

{She still has some cuddles left for mommy.
Especially when ice cream is involved.}

{PS: Any Nazareth alums reading this? Our 20-year reunion is coming up on June 6 and I need your email addresses! Kim, are you out there? Email me at milkshakecrafts @ comcast.net. By the way, we're old. When did that happen?!}

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