{ta-da! See how many non-Valentine stickers I can fit on one page?}

Malayna and I spent some time yesterday making Valentines. Well, that's how it started - eventually it turned into seeing how many stickers she could fit on one piece of paper. Letter stickers, St. Patrick's Day stickers, food stickers, and even some Valentine's Day stickers thrown in.

It's probably best not to have a plan when you're crafting with kids, huh? Last year we melted some crayon shavings between two wax paper hearts, and we might do that again tomorrow. Any suggestions for other Valentine's Day crafts?


daisyjanie said...

Check out this Valentine crayon-melting idea. Very cute!

lisa {milkshake} said...

That looks like a good one, Jan. We're going to the thrift shop in the morning - I'll look for muffin tins. Thanks!

daisyjanie said...

Tag you're it! I've tagged you in the blogging game, here's how it works: ~ blog seven things about yourself ~ link the person that tagged you in the blog entry ~ "tag" several other fave bloggers at the end of your post!