FREE back to school printable!

Malayna goes back to school tomorrow, and we're planning on doing something fun and crafty today to celebrate, in addition to having her favorite dinner (spaghetti and homemade meatballs). Last year we made crowns. This year we're going to make back-to-school time capsules. I got the idea here. Looks like (easy) fun!

 {Click on the image to enlarge it. Print, cut and enjoy!}

Lunchtime in the cafeteria was really tough for Malayna last year, so I was thinking of ways to make it easier on her this year. One way is to leave little notes for her in her lunchbox. This year she can read, but last year when she couldn't I drew her little pictures. To make things really simple, I created a free printable of lunch box notes - you can download, print on letter-sized paper, cut and write a message or draw a picture for your little one. (Click on the image above to make it larger, then print. Send me an email - milkshakecrafts at yahoo dot com - if you have any problems.) Enjoy!

What do you do to celebrate the first day of school?


Karen said...

Molly's having a little bit of a hard time as a freshman in college (she has never had to share a room). So I think I'll mail these to her : ) Thanks,Lisa. Mothering never ends even when they grow up.

lisa {milkshake} said...

Aw, poor Molly. I'm sure it's not so easy for you, either Karen!

Karen said...

You know- it breaks your heart when they have to suffer. But we have to help them grow. Same struggles, different scenarios.