FREE shopping list printable!

Are you like me? Just about every time I go to the market I forget 75% of what I need unless I have a list. No list and I wind up right back at the market the next day. Also, I make the same list over and over and over… making me feel like I'm wasting paper and brain power trying to remember what we usually purchase. So last year around this time I created a shopping list for myself and printed out a handful of them. They were so, so helpful to me and I hope they are for you, too! Feel free to download the list and use it as many times as you like.

PS: I'd love feedback on the items on the list. I did this kind of quickly and may not have included your favorites. Let me know if there are things that you absolutely must have on the list and I can easily update it!


Lauren said...

This is awesome, Lisa, thank you! My hubs & I were just talking about needing one of these!

Anonymous said...

Where is the download link?

lisa {milkshake} said...

There isn't one. Right click on a PC or control, save as on a Mac.