Photo Friday

Malayna's uncle David {my brother} got a bunch of dress-up clothes for her from Craigslist the other day. Luco's not too happy about it.

{Snow White and Cinderella.}

{Malayna and mom-mom.}

{Silly girls Malayna and Abby.}

I'll be at the Waldorf Holiday Fair this weekend {see the sidebar to the right for info}. It's snowing here right now, so unpacking my truck later should be loads of fun. Anyone want to come help me?


Anonymous said...

Love the dress up! You have such great "genes"..your mom looks so young. I'm jealous! ;-)


Vanessa said...

Awh, look how cute Luco is!

Little Flower Designs said...

so sweet! both Malayna & Luco.
Thanks for being a good room-mate this weekend, I hope you had a good show! Happy Holidays! Linda