This is your child on color

Remember those commercials from the 80s about drugs? They showed a frying pan with an egg cooking in it, and the voice over would say, "This is your brain on drugs."

A neighbor took a picture of me, Malayna, India and Lily at the polls on Election Day. Malayna's behavior was horrible that day, and it was because of all the artificial color she had ingested since Halloween. When my neighbor emailed this photo to me yesterday, I thought of those anti-drug commercials of the 80s, but with these words, "This is your child on color." She does not usually look like this - she's floppy and she looks like she's in pain from trying to smile. {Even Lily knows somethings's not right!} If I had seen this photo that day, I probably would've scrapped any plans we had and stayed inside all day. Certainly would've saved us all a lot of trouble. M&Ms are evil.


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daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

I remember those commercials so well! Your post is funny, but I know dealing with the issue at hand is not!