Surface designs

I got a burst of creative energy over the weekend and created lots of new surface designs for my trip to New York in January. To create each pattern, I first draw in my sketchbook with a black pen, then scan the page {usually the page has about 10 or so little sketches on it}. I then open the scanned page in Photoshop, and "cut" one of the drawings out. I make a new file, then play around with the drawing to see which direction will work best. I color this sketch in Photoshop, usually working by intuition. Most of the time just looking at the sketch will give me ideas about what colors I think it should be. Other times, when I'm stuck, I'll look around my house, through catalogs, visit websites, or look outside for color ideas. Then I copy and paste the drawing until I have a page full - this gives me my pattern.

Once I get going, I don't want to stop - not for lunch, dinner, or to go to bed. We didn't have much to do this weekend, so I was able to park myself on the couch and get to work. Here are some patterns I came up with {more here}. What do you think?

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daisy janie : scoutie girl said...

It's a sickness when you don't wan to stop! These are turning out so nicely!!