{After school pick-up. Malayna's little friend and
neighbor is running to greet her. Cute!}

{A special little congrats-on-your-first-day present.}

{Walking to the ice cream store with Lily.}

{Ice cream!}

I would say that the first day of kindergarten was a success. Malayna was up at 5am this morning saying, "Yay, yay, another school day!"

When we picked her up yesterday she was excited and happy and eventually told us lots of stuff about her first day. One of the first things she said was, "I made so many new friends!", and then went on to tell us all their names. She told us two of the girls had on the same outfit, which she called a uniform. I wonder what she considers a uniform? Her lunch bag was practically empty, except for the cheese, which she said "burned my throat."

I am so, so relieved that she had a good first day. Now that my mind is at ease I can start creating again. Yay, yay, another school day!

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