Tough transition

I find it hard to write here when Malayna's having a rough time. She mostly likes kindergarten, but she is definitely finding lunchtime difficult. Her teacher has told me that she's cried a few times when it's time to go to the cafeteria. I'm trying to make it easier for her by packing things that I know she can open on her own, are easy to eat without utensils, and that she likes eating. I know a few people working/voluteering in the cafeteria, so I've asked them to watch out for her.

I've talked with her about why she doesn't like lunchtime, and she has said that she misses me and wishes I were there. She's also told me that it's loud in the cafeteria and that she wants her teacher to stay with her. We've talked about how it will get easier as she gets used to it, but knowing Malayna, that will take quite a while.

Today she doesn't feel well and was clingy before school. I'm hoping she has a good day despite the cold she's getting. I wish I knew how to help her feel better and how to help her cope when she's uncomfortable with something. I'm envious of the parents whose children walk into school with a wave and a smile.


D'Arcy said...

could be the cold that she is getting lisa! Don't be so hard on yourself. Last year in 3rd grade, Hope had ussues with going to lunch. One of the kindergarten teachers had her come into the kindergarten and help out every day as soon as she was done her lunch so that she could avoid the lunch room as much as possible.She figure it all out little by little.

lisa {milkshake} said...

Thanks, D'Arc :)