Bella pendant

Remember a while back, when I created the bird pendants? I had started posting about each woman the pendants are named after, but somehow only got around to doing three of them.

Here's what the pendants are all about: Birds represent freedom, as does each woman these pendants are named after. Each woman made a significant contribution to feminism in the US, thus granting certain freedoms for me, my daughter and future generations. 

Each pendant is an original design: the pattern starts out as an illustration done in ink on paper, then is scanned and colored on the computer.

• measures 1.25" round
• sterling silver or gold jumpring
• 20" black cord (made with local, thrifted materials)
• to reduce the use of unnecsesary materials, cord is tied instead of using a clasp
• printed on recycled, acid-free paper made with wind-power
• laminated on both sides (lamination extends slightly beyond image).

The Bella pendant is named after Bella Abzug, who is known for saying, ""This woman’s place is in the House—the House of Representatives", during her 1970 campaign. She won, became the first Jewish woman in the United States Congress, and served from 1971-1977. She introduced (along with Ed Koch) the first federal gay rights bill known as The Equality Act of 1974.

The pendant is available here for $15.

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Aalina Eden said...

really nice bird pendant i love that. most beautiful

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