Squeezing in studio time

{Before the mess}

I've been neglecting my studio lately. That doesn't mean I haven't been making things - it just means that my studio is a big ol' mess and I can't find a spot to work in there. It's not a big room at all, just a little spot with lots of desk space (that is now covered with lots of stuff). Yesterday I really wanted to be up there (hmmm, maybe to get away from the energetic puppy for a little while?), so I just moved the piles around so I could sit down and work. What a difference it makes to have a dedicated space to work. It's just not the same as working at the dining room table, surrounded by Malayna's toys.

I can't seem to get started cleaning up. There's just so much stuff in such a little room that there's no way it can all fit. Guess that means I have to get some trash bags and start purging. Ack! I think it's a creative thing to want to keep everything and not throw things away. What I mean is that a lot of times when I talk to other creative people they seem to have the same problem. Why is that? Anyone else out there feel the need to hold on to things?


Rebecca said...

Ooooh, yes. I am constantly fighting that battle. And of course you need it as soon as you throw it away...
Love the glimpse into your studio!

lisa {milkshake} said...

That's why I hate throwing things away!