I see spring!

Well, maybe not exactly. But when I was in the yard yesterday trying to make sure Lola didn't dig any more holes (I was unsuccessful, by the way), I was noticing buds on lots of the plants out there. I also found some Easter flowers my mom & dad gave me last year. I always intend on planting them, but they never seem to get into the ground. No worries, though - they're growing in the plastic pot they came in!

Spring can't get here soon enough in my opinion. Here in the Philadelphia area, we're expecting a snowstorm this weekend. Forecasters are calling for about 12" of snow. But you know how that goes - they're often wrong!

{Lilac from my aunt's garden.}

{Dogwood tree.}

{Not sure what this bush is. Maybe some type of crabapple.}

{Another lilac.}



{Butterfly bush.}

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