Top 10 reasons why you should not get a puppy

10. They trash-pick.

9. They eat the plastic things that plants come in.

8. They eat rocks.

7. They dig.

6. They steal magnets off the fridge.

5. They eat more rocks.

4. They rip apart your landscape fabric.

3. They dig some more.

2. They steal plastic bags.

And the #1 reason: This doesn't last long enough.


June said...

But just look at that sweet face! That makes it all worth it :)

Little Flower Designs said...

first blog i've read in over a week! and a good laugh - in the iknow it all sooo well! that plant container things is a hard one - don't garden in front of lola - she'll be dure to dig it right up!

Michelle (mkc photography) said...

Oh, Lola - just looking at the face in pic #2 makes me worry...those eyes are far too naughty and devious! She must be a human in a puppy suit :-)