Photo Friday

Let's say you're getting ready for an important meeting. You're printing some things in your office (just one room away from the living room) and you realize that your 7-month-old puppy is awfully quiet. In fact, she's usually so close to you that you've thought of renaming her "velcro" but now she's actually off on her own somewhere. Hmmm. What could she be doing?

Here's a tip: quiet puppy = bad stuff.

Don't leave tissue boxes on the table, and don't trust the quiet.


In better news, I'm happy to announce that milkshake clocks, wall squares and magnets can be purchased at This Little Gallery in Jenkintown as of mid-April. I've loved this shop since we moved here 11 years ago. Go visit - the place is filled with handmade goods! I had a really nice meeting with the owner, Trish, yesterday (after the tissue incident, above). I'm excited to see my work in her fabulous gallery!

Speaking of clocks, I added a few new ones to the website yesterday. Go take a look!


daisy janie said...

Good tip!!! I'll keep that in mind. Will I see you on Sunday???

lisa {milkshake} said...

Here's another tip: don't get a puppy! Yes, I'll see you Sunday. Looking forward to it!!

Anonymous said...

I have the same "quiet play" theory about my 4 year old. As soon as the chatty charachter play stops I know she is up to something sneaky.

lisa {milkshake} said...

I hope your 4-year-old doesn't do much damage!