To paint or not to paint

We have a large antique/vintage buffet in my dining room that we bought years ago for a steal. It's always had scratches and imperfections on it, but that doesn't really bother me. It has lots of storage, with two huge drawers, two small ones and two side "cabinets". I've been thinking lately that I want to get rid of it and buy a smaller one, but maybe I can satisfy that need for change with a paint job. However, painting vintage items always scares me. What if I hate it and then it's ruined?! But it's not like I'm going to try and sell it - I wouldn't get a great price anyway because of all the scratches.

Here are some (bad) photos of the piece. I feel like it's too dark and painting it a lighter color would brighten up the room. We only have one window in the dining room and it can get a little dark.

What do you think? Should I paint it (what color?) or leave it as is?


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa!

My grandmother and mom do a lot of antiquing. Your piece has great character. If you are happy with it, in terms of its functionality keep it. As far as staining or painting, do whatever you want. If you paint it just be sure to sand it really well and use a primer. That way if you ever want to restore it to a stained finish you can.

FYI- I bought and painted 2 maple nightstands, but apparently didn't sand them well enough and the painted didn't adhere very well.

As far as value, unless you have it professionally restored, the value may be largely sentimental. Is there a year or makers mark on it? If so, before you start you may want to look online and see what comparable pieces go for?

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I would paint it. It looks like a great piece but it will fit your life so much more if you jazz it up with some color. It's not like it was your Grandmothers or a family piece. I'm sure there are lots of pieces in wonderful shape to preserve history. This has plenty of life left in it, put some new wind in its sails.

Kathleen said...

It looks so much like the dresser in our living room, which I've been wanting to paint aquamarine. Though yours might look nice with just some cool new knobs (like Anthropologie). The daredevil in me says go for it and break out the paints!