Photo Friday

My daughter's school has a big, fantastic garden. The kids learn about planting, growing and taking care of plants. They plant seeds, mulch the beds, and clean up in the spring, and some classes are responsible for taking care of the birdfeeders for the school year. The children are able to come to the garden during recess to help out, do garden-related crafts or just to enjoy the space. Kindergarteners have their own little area where they plant sunflowers and corn. They harvest the previous year's corn in the fall and make little packets of seeds to take home. There's a tepee in the garden where gourds are grown, and then used to make birdhouses.

The garden is a really great space and an awesome way to learn about nature while getting their hands dirty. The garden is run by (very dedicated) volunteer parents.

I went there yesterday for a spring prep meeting and took some photos. I can't wait to get my hands dirty here!

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Redbeet Mama said...

That is so nice that they have a garden there - how wonderful. Great photos Lisa.

I do miss my garden.