Sand, ocean, fresh air, family time…

{Malayna in Cape May, 2009}

We are taking our yearly Cape May vacation soon. I cannot wait to hear, smell and see the ocean. There's nothing like being at the beach to inspire me. It must be something about the openness of the space, breathing that air everyday and having no schedule other than sitting in the sand with the sun shining overhead. We park the car and leave it there for most of the vacation since everything in Cape May is accessible by foot or bike. We've been vacationing here for the last 10 years and it's at the top of my list of favorite places.

 {Philadelphia Beach in Cape May.}

I plan on taking a new sketchbook and some pencils and markers with me. Malayna makes friends easily and always finds someone to play with on the beach, which leaves us with the time to draw, read or do absolutely nothing!



Do you feel freshly inspired after going away?


Rosemary said...

Oh, yes I do! I can't wait to get away. I think it helps us ins o many ways to change the scenery from time to time...it may be the closest thing we have to a reset button.

Enjoy your trip!

Redbeet Mama said...

Lisa - have a wonderful time. Change of scenery works every time with me.

Namaste, Nicole