{Look, no arm floaties!}

It's not officially summer yet, but it sure does feel like it. Malayna has been counting down to the end of school for a few weeks now. But she's not counting the days because she wants school to end - she's sad that she won't be in kindergarten anymore.

{Giant inflatable water slide.}

{Let me in!}

We have a few things planned for the summer, but I mostly want to enjoy not having a schedule for a few months. I'll be teaching an art class here on Thursday mornings for 6-8-year-olds in July and August that I'm really excited about. I love watching kids create and seeing how each one interprets a theme differently. We leave for our yearly Cape May vacation in June, and I cannot wait to dip my toes in the ocean and park my beach chair at the water's edge.

{Lola swims!}

 {This is what happens when a five-year-old applies his own sunscreen.}

Meanwhile, we'll enjoy swimming in our pool and playing with the ever-growing group of kids on our block. I love that Malayna can go outside and play with her friends - no need to get in the car and drive anywhere, no sitting inside watching TV, no complaining about being bored (okay, maybe a little of that). It reminds me of the neighborhood where I grew up and I'm so happy that Malayna gets to experience this. Our yard has the swingset and pool, the neighbors across the street have a trampoline and inflatable water slide. There are trees to climb, grass to run in and friends to play with. Isn't that what childhood is all about?

 {Not so sure about this swimming thing.} 


Redbeet Mama said...

You are right Lisa - you live on an awesome block for children. I often feel sad for Ella that we moved - she remembers...

Lovely post, Nicole

Owa said...

Love what you wrote. I wish the boys were around to take your art class-i know that it will be lots of fun. Great pictures!

H said...

Have an awesome summer vacation!