Skippyjon Jones reading and book signing

{Halloween, 2011.}

My daughter, Malayna, loves Skippyjon Jones. She discovered the books about a year ago and reads them over and over. We have also listened to some books on CD while driving to the shore over the summer. She dressed as Skippyjon for Halloween (in a costume that I made), and gave me very specific instructions on what she wanted it to look like. I made many pairs of paper ears and paper masks before she gave me the "okay" to make them in felt. She knows what she wants.

We had the opportunity to meet Judy Schachner - the author and illustrator of Skippyjon Jones - over the weekend. She held a reading of her latest book, Class Action at a bookstore in downtown Philadelphia. When I told Malayna about it, she was thrilled - way more excited than I thought she'd be. She wore her Halloween costume and took a book with her for Judy to sign. It was a great reading - Judy was funny, animated and told some jokes that only the grown-ups got. She had Malayna stand up and show everyone her costume. (Afterwards Malayna told us she was a little embarrassed at that part, so I think if it were just one year later she wouldn't have worn the costume.)

 {Showing everyone her costume.}

When it was time for the signing, Malayna was the first one in line. It was like she was meeting a movie star. She gave Judy a drawing she had made and a picture of Lola dressed up in Malayna's Skippyjon Jones costume. Malayna smiled the entire time Judy was talking to her. When we were on our way home, she said, "I wish the reading didn't happen yet so I could do it all over again."

 {The drawing and the picture Malayna gave to Judy.}

The two photos above were taken by the husband
of one of the women who designs the Skippyjon Jones apparel.

Thank you Judy Schachner! You inspire Malayna every day.


Redbeet Mama said...

How awesome! Great photos too!

See you Friday!


OhanaMama said...

What a creative and inspired costume! She looks so proud!

And anything literary-themed is just a good thing.