Updating the website

I just finished taking the last of the photos I need for my website update. Finally! This has been on the back-burner for months now. Good thing I finished when I did - it started pouring after I finished. Paper and water don't mix very well.

 {The most popular desk clock - blue chickadee.}

I take my photos on my falling down, in need of repair shabby chic picket fence in front of my house. I have to bring Lola outside with me when I do it or else listen to her bark and cry inside the house the whole time I'm out there. (And be prepared for whatever toy of Malayna's she's chewed up during that time.) So she's in the backyard and I'm in the front yard taking photos, and she still cries and barks at me even though I'm less than a foot away from her. Or she's jumping on my plants and ripping them apart. Fun! I'm glad I at least have a well-behaved child.

I'll be updating my site for the next day or so and then having a Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday sale! I've decided to leave "Black Friday" out of the mix because I really despise everything about that day. What would I need so badly that I would have to camp out overnight for it?!

Support locally-owned shops and artists!

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