{Davyn and Malayna}

We spent Saturday morning at my brother's and sister-in-law's house for my SIL's birthday. My niece, Davyn, gets cuter every time I see her. She really seemed to like Malayna, and of course, Malayna loves her. Malayna would talk to her in a really high-pitched voice and Davyn would "talk" back. I see these two cousins loving each other's company for a long time to come.

I won't even go into detail about the horrible tantrum Malayna had when we got there. Seriously, I won't. Just know that it was awful and lasted a really long time. The girl is persistent. I guess it's a trait that will serve her well later in life, but now? Now it's just HARD.

{Maria's birthday present.}

Maria has wanted one of my clocks for a while now, but couldn't decide which one to choose. Since it was her birthday, I chose for her! I made my tweet clock in colors that will go perfectly in her living room. She also got a matching birthday card. I'm pretty sure she loved the clock! {Right, Maria?}

How was your weekend?

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Anonymous said...

Of course I loved it! Now if i can just get your brother to hang it...